Staff Directory

First Name   Last Name   Title   Phone   Email  
Marty Fattig Chief Executive Officer 402-274-6139 [email protected]
Dawn Friesel Executive Administrative Assistant 402-274-6144 [email protected]
Darci Grafton Director of Imaging 402-274-6127 [email protected]
Jere Gravatt Director of Home Care Services 402-274-6155 [email protected]
Janine Harvey Director of Respiratory Therapy 402-274-6221 [email protected]
Susan Joy Director of Outpatient Services/Cardiac Rehab 402-274-6130 [email protected]
Jaclyn Kreifels Director of Dietary Services 402-274-6145 [email protected]
Kermit Moore Chief Operating Officer 402-274-6125 [email protected]
Peggy Neiman Director of Health Information 402-274-6150 [email protected]
Jackie Obermeyer Director of Surgical Services 402-274-6137 [email protected]
Jason Roush Director of Plant Engineering 402-274-6122 [email protected]
Heather Rowell Executive Administrative Assistant 402-274-6148 [email protected]
Codi Sailors Director of Purchasing 402-274-6135 [email protected]
Susie Shupp Chief Human Resources Officer 402-274-6121 [email protected]
Susan Sornson Directory of Pharmacy 402-274-6141 [email protected]
Stacy Taylor Chief Financial Officer 402-274-6146 [email protected]
Susi VonBergen Director of Quality 402-274-6147 [email protected]
Jamie Vrtiska Director of Laboratory 402-274-6131 [email protected]
Stacey Vrtiska Director of Physical and Occupational Therapy 402-274-6126 [email protected]